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Custom Brooms by Jenza

I have been crafting custom brooms/ besoms since 2010 when I couldn’t find a broom that wasn’t made in China. I searched out someone who could teach me and I have making them ever since.

I understand how special a broom can be and make sure I am only letting good intentions flow into the broom as I weave the twine.

My brooms have been used in Wedding Ceremonies for Jumping the Broom. In rituals and personal use.

They are limited.  I only craft them during the Full and New Moons.

You may find them at the stores listed below. I suggest calling first. 

All Things Magickal                    

35 East Ave, Harrisville RI 02830

(401) 651-3595

Generations Healing Center
The Shoppes at 250 Main Street
Oxford MA 01540

(508) 987-3310